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wearable neuromodulation technology that sharpens senses and reduces misperceptions

Insights from our extensive research led to Sharper Sense developing wearable neuromodulation technology that enhances users' perceptual acuity. The fully noninvasive neural interface induces sensory-sharpening neuromodulation within seconds of activation. Externally worn and lightweight, the system can be easily taken on and off. Sharper Sense's technology can be used whenever you need a boost in sensory acuity to help perform tasks for which clear, accurate perception is critical (e.g. social situations, sporting events, operating machinery, hunting).

• Externally worn, easy to take on and off

• Sharpens sensory acuity within seconds of activation

• Fully-noninvasive stimulation is safe and pain-free

• A safer alternative to currently-used stimulants