meet Our Team

Our founding team has worked together for the last six years in Columbia University's Neural Engineering Lab with a focus on using brain-machine interfaces, behavioral paradigms, advanced statistical analysis, and computational modelling to investigate how perception occurs. They share a passion for developing technology at the intersection of neuroscience, electrical engineering, and computer science that positively impacts the lives of its users.

Our Team


  • Biomedical engineer, systems and computational neuroscientist
  • Expert in neuromodulation of sensory processing


Our Advisors

Business Advisor

  • Leader in healthcare innovation with extensive business experience
  • BioHealth Innovation Entrepreneur In Residence

Scientific Advisor

we are Looking for team members

Sharper Sense is looking to add individuals with experience in business management, medical and wearable device design, operations, marketing, sales, and regulatory affairs to our team.

If interested please reach out to us at