Our technology is firmly grounded in hard science

Your brain naturally enhances your senses when you are highly alert and attentive

Your brain has the amazing ability of seamlessly sharpening your hearing, vision, and touch during time periods of increased attention and arousal. This important neural mechanism improves perceptual acuity during critical situations, when incorrect perception of details in tactile, auditory, and visual stimuli may lead to a costly mistake.

For example, imagine you're walking alone in the woods and hear unexpected footsteps approaching you. Your arousal skyrockets as you wonder if you're about to come face to face with a bear. During this aroused state, neural circuitry is activated that rapidly enhances sensory processing, facilitating your ability to correctly identify the approaching animal and optimally react. You breathe a sigh of relief as your heightened senses let you realize it's just a rabbit.

Our research revealed neural circuitry that allows for arousal-linked heightened senses

Preclinical research performed by our team at Columbia University, and published in Nature Neuroscience, revealed the neuromodulatory circuitry responsible for arousal-linked heightened senses. Direct activation of this circuitry in awake rats enhanced their perceptual sensitivity, reducing their rate of misperception-induced errors on sensory tests.

Then we perfected methods of activating this circuitry to improve senses on demand

This sensory-sharpening circuitry is deep in the brain, precluding direct activation in humans. In subsequent research, published in The Journal of Neural Engineering, our team overcome this translational barrier by developing and validating a method of activating the target circuitry, and enhancing sensory processing, via stimulation of a peripheral nerve in the neck. In human subjects, this peripheral nerve can be activated via noninvasive transcutaneous stimulation.

Our technology provides users sharpened senses during moments that matter

We rarely find ourselves facing situations that induce high arousal in the modern world, yet we all could often benefit from heightened senses. Sharper Sense's technology gives back control over sensory state to the user, allowing them to unlock enhanced sensory processing on demand.

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